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Difficult to stabilise market prices cut passive still

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Music from the region: 5th day, music from the price of cold-rolled plate and coil has failed to stand firm, Liu gang, Pu production resources such as Shougang, tanggang, average daily fall 20-50 Yuan/ton, and yesterday's close, market lows continued to brush out the lows.
Judging from the current situation, cold-rolled sheet supply pressure is more heavily now needs no hurry to produce goods and raw materials, business inventory progress to basically zero. Insiders complain that were bought buy the rise and not fall in steel city, now even cheaper prices, resources are also selling cars. But complaining about complaining, actual market trading is that businesses remain in a passive markdowns, prices dip far unknown return.
To close, 1.0-2.0mm big foot sheet music from the angang 4180 Yuan/ton, the saddle volume 4050-4130 Yuan/ton, cold volumes, SPCC 1.0-1.5mm in Ma steel cold roll 4370 Yuan/ton; Han Po, Pu 1.0-1.5mm, steel, Shougang, tanggang, cold volumes 4020-4150 Yuan/ton, spreads vary greatly, Liu gang 1.0-1.5mm cold volumes 3880-3920 Yuan/ton.
Shanghai: 5th, Shanghai cold-rolled coils for lowered prices in all vulnerable, Anshan iron and steel, Baosteel and magang, Ponte reduction from a day at the 20-50 Yuan/ton. As of press time, angang SPCC 1.0mm cold rolled sheet price of 4400 Yuan/ton; Wuhan, Benxi steel 1.5-2.0mm the price of cold rolled sheet 4240-4250 Yuan/ton; DC01 Shougang cold volumes 0.5mm price in 4550 Yuan/ton; Hangang, tanggang, Shougang SPCC 1.0mm cold volume price at 4220 Yuan/ton.
Judging from the closing, the recent cold in Shanghai have accelerated the phenomenon of decline, turnover not significantly heavy volume in the region. It is understood that the steel market bearish environment, enable the purchaser to market extremely cautious, local end demand is always to no avail. Despite the poor market transactions in the area, perimeter in South China and North China leading the domestic cold-rolled steel market remained unchanged, spreads widened under the negative drag on, hudong-cold-rolled formed passive price situation. Operating conditions remain weak for the current cold-rolling, steel city still in the downward end of search process is expected.
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