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Medium frequency induction heating equipment

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Product brief
Medium frequency induction heating equipment using series resonant, or voltage-resonant frequency tracking. High efficiency, high power factor. So there is an obvious energy-saving effect, electricity heating billets per ton to 340 degrees. Intermediate frequency induction heating device-level control full bridge rectifier is not rectified waveform distortion caused by, no clipping about the breaking point, and using a large capacitor filter, the harmonic number of disturbances on the grid small
Working principle
MF induction heating equipment of work principle is put a root metal cylindrical body put in has cross changed MF current of induction circle in, metal cylindrical body no and Induction coil directly contact, power coil itself temperature has is low, but cylindrical body surface was heating to made red, even melting, and this made red and melting of speed as long as regulation frequency size and current of strength on can achieved.
If advantage
As my industrialized process of rapid development, induction heating area also again fast development. due to environmental requires and coal prices, with coking coal heating not only not meet environmental requires, and in price and economic Shang also very of not cost-effective. on the, currently industrial heating also large using with KGBS to SCR mainly devices of MF heating equipment. power factor low spent with large of power. as financial crisis of abundance increase, energy consumption, Cost reduction has become very urgent issues of SMEs. so we took advantage of recent years induction heating experience, succeeded in developing energy-saving frequency IGBT series.
Equipment characteristic
1. easy operation, flexible feeding, high degree of automation, online production can be achieved;
2. workpiece heated faster, less oxidation and decarbonization, high efficiency, forging quality is good;
3. the workpiece heating length, speed, temperature can be precisely controlled;
4. the workpiece heating uniformity, temperature difference between the core table small, high control precision;
5. elaborate sensors according to customer requirements;
6. comprehensive energy-saving optimum design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, less expensive than burning coal production;
7. compatibility with the requirements of environmental protection, pollution, and also reduce the labor intensity of workers.
Product advantages
Saving features
Fast heating, high production efficiency, removing carbon dioxide, saving material and die cost less due to electromagnetic induction principles of intermediate frequency induction heating, the heat in the workpiece itself produce, ordinary workers are forging with intermediate frequency electric furnace to work ten minutes after the continuous work of the task, do not need professional workers ahead of kiln and furnace furnace. Don't worry due to a power outage or equipment failure caused by coal stove has been heated stock waste. Due to the heating mode temperature rises rapidly, so very little oxidation, saving at least compared to forgings and coal stove burning steel per ton 20-50 kg of raw material, the material utilization ratio of up to 95%. Because the heating heating uniformity, minimum temperature difference between the core table, so in terms of forging and greatly increases the life of forging die, forgings surface roughness less than 50um.
Environmental characteristics
Excellent working environment, improve workers ' working conditions and company image, no pollution, low energy consumption compared to the induction heating furnace and the coal stove, and staff would not be affected by the heat of the Sun coal stove baked and smoked, more attainable targets requirements of environmental protection departments, and establish the company's external image and future development of forging industry trends. Induction heating is the most energy-efficient electric heating furnace heating mode room temperature heating to 1100 ° c power consumption of less than 340 tons of forgings.
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