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Considerations for using IGBT

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Due to the IGBT modules for MOSFET structure, IGBT gate through a layer of oxide film and emitter to achieve electrical isolation. Because of this oxide film is very thin, its breakdown voltage up to 20~30V. Gate breakdown due to static electricity is one of the most common causes of failure of IGBT. Used to pay attention to the following several points:
1. when a module is in use, try not to touch the drive Terminal part, as when touching the module terminals must be, first on the body or clothes after high resistance grounding to discharge static electricity, and then touch;
2. when using conductive material to connect the module to drive terminals and wiring not connected not connected to the module before;
3. as far as possible in the case of a good grounding in floor action.
Sometimes in the application while ensuring the gate drive voltage does not exceed the maximum rated voltage grid, grid connection the parasitic inductance and capacitive coupling between the gate and collector, also produce the oscillation voltage so that the oxide layer is damaged. To do this, usually twisted pair to transmit drive signal in order to reduce the parasitic inductance. Tandem low resistance in the grid lines can also inhibit the oscillation voltage.
In addition, in gate-emitter when open if a voltage between the emitter and collector emitter, as the set of electrode potential changes, due to leakage current flows through collector and gate voltage increases, the collector current. At this point, if the high voltage between collector and emitter, it is possible to cause the IGBT heat damage.
Using IGBT occasions, when properly or gate gate circuit when the circuit is damaged (the gate is in an open state), if a voltage on the main road, the IGBT will be damaged, in order to prevent such failures, should be threaded between gate-emitter around 10K ω resistor.
When you install or replace the IGBT module should be attached great importance to the IGBT module and heat sink contact surface and the degree of tightening. In order to reduce the contact resistance, it is best to apply thermal grease between the heatsink and IGBT modules. Heat sink cooling fan is installed at the bottom, when cooling fan heat sink heat sink if damaged will cause fever IGBT modules, and malfunction. To periodically check the cooling fan, generally near the IGBT modules installed on the heat sink temperature sensors, alarm or stop IGBT modules when the temperature is too high.
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